What We Stand For?
Cost Effective
Pre-engineering helps you save costs without sacrificing quality and safety. Enjoy lower construction and labout costs as a result of our:
  • Tapered lightweight frame systems allowing 25% savings on steel
  • Factory fabricated systems deliver ready goods for assemble and erection on site
  • Flexible and easily upgraded systems that save exorbitant rebuilding expenses
Time Saving
Every stage of production is faster than conventional method, resulting in :
  • A 30% cut in project completion time
  • Speedier and more accurate construction with computer generated systems
  • Reduced set up time at site owing to customised factory fabrication
Pre Engineered for high quality consistency using reliable professional services. Quality control from start to finish at a single source
  • Using state-of-the-art automatic welding
  • Adherence to the strictest welding codes
  • Bolts assembly, with the deepest section in the area of highest stress